s children we often listen stories, and then we grew up and stories became fun for children; irrelevant artifacts of the past; parts of childhood that disappear from our memories. The stories became irrelevant.

       But are they really irrelevant?

       I would say that they are not, but that they are the most beautiful and most important thing ever designed, because the stories allow us to identify with an unknown hero and with him we can experience his difficulties, engage in dialogue, solve problems and learn. With this partnership, we can learn something about ourselves, our difficulties, our problems, our challenges, and find inspiration for a solution or even answer to a question.

       With a metaphorical narrative, the story allows us to find something in it, independent of the idea of the one who made the story. The metaphor gives us a unique understanding so more people can experience the same story in different ways. Because that the same story can help different people with various problems.

       I've written a lot of therapeutic stories for children and adults, and even more told and let them go to the world, so I could write a lot about stories, but instead I'Il leave some (above) inspirational stories to speak for themselves.

       And for all those who are interested in this topic, I'm preparing a web site dedicated to stories.