here are several hundred psychotherapeutic approaches in the world, all starting from different ideas of understanding and functioning of man, and they are based on different theoretical settings. The differences between them are almost impossible to describe; from those whose theoretical settings are so rigid that no deviation from theory is permitted, to those who are trying to integrate different directions or segments. The boundaries within which they build their understanding are endless, from interventions that change behavior only, to the search for causes in our past lives or the unfinished situations of our ancestors. I would dare to say that imagination is the only limit when psychotherapy is concerned.

Of course, this brings us to the question which psychotherapeutic approach is the best. That is a moment when a proverb that everybody praises his horse comes to full expression, but that's the least important. An effective relationship in psychotherapeutic work lies in the relationship created by the client and the psychotherapist, the approach that the psychotherapist has completed is at least important (about 1%).

In this relationship, both sides are only people, with all their ideas, experiences, knowledge, and that is exactly what is impossible to separate. Countless factors, no matter how invisible they are, depend on the creation of a relationship, and psychotherapy is still a relationship in which many doors are opened, and many of them are bound. That is why a quality relationship with trust is the foundation of efficient psychotherapy.

So when we decide on psychotherapy with all the experiences and recommendations we collect, we should always keep in mind our personality and individuality. If someone recommends a psychotherapist to us and we are not happy with him, that does not mean that something is wrong with us; it only means we are different from the person who recommended that psychotherapist to us. In such situations, we can stay with him and, after some time, may change our minds (because the relationship is still being built and changed) or move to another. It is a completely normal occurrence.