aking difference between hypnotherapy and hypnosis is subjective process. For me, hypnosis is only a context for psychotherapy, and I personally think that is impossible to distinguish psychotherapy from hypnotherapy. Of course, hypnotherapy is when we work in hypnosis, and psychotherapy is when we don't work in hypnosis. That's great, but during psychotherapy we are often in trance condition as in hypnotherapy. In addition, we sometimes end up spontaneously in trance without the hypnosis ever has been mentioned. It may sound strange, but if we consider a fact that a psychotherapist and a client can share a trance condition, it is easier to understand.

       Why do they share the state of trance?

       Because i'ts normal and natural state, as I explained in the section Hypnosis, and in the context of psychotherapy we can also observe it as a dialogue or conversation of unconscious minds.

       The question about differences, advantages, disadvantages, probably coming up now... In hypnotherapy we can deal with the problem through a metaphor; we can deal with some problem without talking about it or experiencing some traumatic experience or memories; we can more effectively unleash our own resources and thus get out of the vicious cycle in which we are trapped. We can even enjoy the new dimensions of relaxation of our body while at the same time on unconscious level we are solving problems.

       It is important to know that hypnotherapy is not a faster, more efficient or magic wand in itself. It is just psychotherapy.

       People often ask me how much time is needed for something, and I always answer that the duration of psychotherapeutic work always depends on a number of factors - a person, a psychotherapist, a relationship that they establish, the complexity of the subject they are dealing with, the pace of change...