ypnosis is one of the few words that at the same time raises interest and fear. Experience taught me that the negative connotation of that word is more often than positive and that the term hypnosis is often considered as a magic wand that will solve all problems at the moment. This is not so weird when we consider the way hypnosis is presented to us.

On what basis does the average man bring his attitude about hypnosis?

Watching a television show where a hypnotist on the scene tells people to do fools of themselves; watching hypnotist while he randomly selects an unknown man on the road and thank him for keeping his car keys and the man handed him the keys of his own car; while he is raising a non-winnings betting on the betting; there is a video clip in which a group of people under the hypnosis believe that the chairs are their sexual partners; you can even read a newspaper article about robbery using hypnosis. I believe the point is clear.

It is logical that one does not have to think much about where so many negative perceptions and fears of the very mention of this word. And even when this fear and distrust are overcome, it again faces a lot of obstacles. Various myths about hypnosis, which are the product of the film industry, comics, cartoons, animate the fear that the hypnotized person is actually in the hands of the one who hypnotized her, that there is the possibility of complete manipulation or lack of memory under hypnosis. After such experiences, the fear of hypnosis can be understood, but the decision to decide whether this fear will become the limit of our understanding of hypnosis is on us.

You're probably wondering what's beyond that limit? My answer is – the door. That door is leading to our unconscious mind; into the infinite unexplored human resources.