2014 / Symposium River of psychology 2014, Croatia, (http://rijekapsihologije.org/), Speaker: Pro Ana World how much we (don't) know about virtual communities with anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. Workshops leader: Stories and metaphors in counselling I & II.

2014 / Lifelong Learning Week in Rovinj, Croatia, Speaker: Relationship between internet and eating disorders: Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa.

2013 / Expert council of primary school and high school educators, Croatia, Speaker: Music as support for better learning.

2013 / Manifestation River of psychology 2013, Croatia, (http://rijekapsihologije.org/), Speaker. Workshops leader: Stories and metaphors in counselling; Communication about communication.

2011 - 2015 // CTK, Croatia (http://www.ctk-rijeka.hr/en), Lecturer and workshops leader on different projects with young people and children. Communicational and social skills, motivation, business communication, problem solving.

2010 / 18. Annual conference of Croatian psychologists, Speaker: Body image, social norms about body appearance, and eating habits in relation to sexual orientation.

Education, training and skill development

How can we leverage the complexity, chaos and theory of living systems to further develop our systemic approach to therapy? by Petros I. Polychronis @ School for cybernetics and systemic therapy (2019)

Adobe InDesign @ Algebra (2018)

Use of Emotional skills competence questionnaire and Emotional regulation and control questionnaire @ Primus Selecta (2018)