riting about yourself is usually an unfortunate task. One sees how you praise yourself, others see how modest you are, and everyone sees that you have not written something important. Personally, I consider that there is no better way to learn not to bother with the opinions of others than writing this sort of thing.

       I've been thinking for a long time how to introduce myself, so I finally decided to simply divide the formal and informal part. Formalities and life story.

       On the other hand, this whole site is actually about presenting myself. I believe that the first impression is that this site is unusual and that is intentional. The site is just what I imagined to be, and I was not thinking about what anyone would think about it. I looked at many similar websites of my colleagues and they were all full of expert texts, definitions and how they are capable. All this did not provide me with information that was important to me - who is that person?

       Why is this important to me? The efficiency of psychotherapeutic work largely depends on the relationship between the psychotherapist and the client. After that follows the personalities of each of them and finally the psychotherapeutic approach completed by the psychotherapist (which is about 1%). These are the results of meta-analytical decades of research. Does anyone really think that the psychotherapist's personality does not affect his psychotherapist's work?

       Consequently, this site is a reflection of my thoughts and my personality and everything else is less important to me.